Ett USA-brev


 E-mail March 4 1998 to "Falu BS" from John Hedenstrom, Minnesota U.S.A.
Congratulations to Falu BS on victory in opening match of quarterfinal SM98. My grandfather was born in Falun, so I have a soft spot in my heart for your team. I am currrently an IBF bandy referee for USA. Good luck in upcoming matches!

Comment in our guestbook October 29 1999
(from: John Hedenstrom St. Paul, Minnesota, USA)

Congratulations to Falu BS!!! I awoke at 2AM Minnesota time and went to the WC99 web page to check out the results - my jaw dropped at seeing the decisive victory over Edsbyn. Fantastic! Keep up the good work. One game at a time is the only way to Sunday.


Comment from Webmaster: This is true Falu BS USA support!